Key Business Challenges

Challenge 1 – Roadblocks

“The definition of insanity is repeating the same behaviour and expecting different results” – Albert Einstien.

Businesses go through cycles of growth. They establish patterns of behaviour, policies, and practices that are appropriate for managing their current phase of growth. However, this can lock companies into this stage of growth and also restricts the organisation’s ability to change and move to the next phase of growth. An external diagnosis, challenge, and support are required to enable the management team to make the next strategic leap to higher profits and growth.

Challenge 2 – Unprecedented Growth

Some businesses find themselves in the vortex of unprecedented growth. The demand for their services and products is outstripping their ability to supply. They can feel out of control, and the whirlwind of daily events hamper effective decision-making and strategy development.  It can be very tough to see which “growth stone” to leap to and what should your next strategic investment. Often, the business metrics are no longer providing the guidance of where the business is going next. The possibility of running out of cash and being enveloped in crisis starts to become more real. You will need to create the clarity of what is your next strategic leap what to invest in and what risks to mitigate.

Challenge 3 – Handing Over The Keys

Do you feel that now is the time to “cash in the chips”? or to “hand over the keys”?  Or that it now right to acquire or invest in creating another “race horse for the stable”? You try and seek advice from your professional advisors but it feels like you are going to see the hairdresser and asking him or her “do I need a haircut?” You already know the advice you will receive!  You need an objective, external perspective to sit down and analyse with you the options from the three perspectives of:

– What will give you the highest return?

– How can you mitigate the risks?

– How can you get the most enjoyment and long-term satisfaction?

This independent external perspective is especially required when you have other significant shareholders in the mix

Mark has helped many businesses work through these challenges by delivering consultancy and business performance audits.  These sessions often lead to bespoke development programmes and workshops that focus on the underlying problems and opportunities.

If you face one of these three challenges, then contact Mark Kelly to discuss the options open to you.