Mark leads and facilitates three Business Growth Premier Clubs with 50 owner- manager members, whose range in size from £1m to £50m in turnover.

Business Growth Premier Club Objectives

The objectives of the 10 Business Growth Club events and the 8 one to one coaching and consulting sessions which Mark delivers with each member, are to enable you and your business to:

– Develop and implement a strategy that enables each business to grow faster.

– Become ever more effective, through deeper learning from the training sessions, mentoring and advice.

– Gain valuable insights into the shared experiences of other owner-managers

– Through the support, encouragement and guidance of the Club make bold leaps forward that will take each business to a new level of performance

– Generate more profit, more cash, and a higher company value.

– Form great relationships and networks with other Business Growth Club members and have some serious fun.

… and in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

The three Business Growth Clubs meet monthly in London, the North West & West Midlands and Yorkshire & East Midlands.

Business Growth Premier Club Membership

Club membership entitles you:

1) To attend 8 Business Growth Premier Club meetings (this includes An annual Business Plan event) a year, plus 2 Joint Club Training Events (where you can network and widen your learning with 50 other owner-managers), plus an annual overseas BGC Christmas Event.  You will have up to 11 Business Growth Club events to attend. Each event is devoted to a business topic and includes a presentation of the latest ideas and concepts with follow-up notes and action points.

2) Also, you will receive 8 performance mentoring and coaching sessions with Mark Kelly – these usually last 2 hours (3 hours with dual members)  and focus on the delivery of your strategy and help you to improve the effectiveness and results of your people and your business. Many Club members see this as gaining access to a business partner or “wrestling partner” focused on always improving their business.  Each meeting is usually followed-up with action points that will be issued to you to follow through. We meet at a mutually convenient location.

3) To access to the Slack Club Group that all members can use where you can share ideas and issues. Slack Club Group is full of resources such as handouts and tools from previous Business Growth Club events.

Experience The Business Growth Premier Club 

To receive a complimentary invitation to attend a Business Growth Premier Club event in your area, please contact Mark.

Tim Harford (@TimHarford) tweeted:

“Entrepreneurs who received advice from peers with an active approach to managing people– regular meetings, setting goals consistently, and providing frequent feedback to employees–grew 28% larger and were 10 percentage points less likely to fail”