Programme Objectives

  • To fast track the development of your managers by creating both a deep understanding of the key activities of your business and by understanding the core management concepts that underpin them.
  • To enable a detailed examination of the current performance of your business in terms of its key activities 

Key Activities & Parts of Advance Business Growth Programme

– Leadership
– Financial Performance
– Operations & Customer Service
– Marketing
– Sales
– Strategy and Business Planning
  • To undertake full and honest debates about how to improve the performance of the business in all of the above Key Activities.
  • Reinforced by agreeing at the end of each session what actions each manager will take before the next session, which occurs every five weeks
  • Each manager delivers a short presentation of what actions and results they have delivered at the start of each session, so clearly demonstrating the learning they have put into action
  • The advanced growth and development process is transparent so each manager will be able to both see and support their colleagues in driving the business forward.
  • Accountability is also ensure by a short action report produced by Mark Kelly after each part of the Advanced Business Growth (ABG) Programme
The extensive Advanced Business Growth (ABG) Programme is delivered in seven, single day parts that are delivered 4 or 5 weeks apart. as detail below.  ABG can be mixed and matched; lengthened or shortened to fit your business. Your business will advance and grow as you and your management ream tackle in real time the true business issues in both the “classroom” and through the action plan, reporting and presentation process.

 Who, When & How

The ABG programme is designed for the senior managers, directors and managing director of a business who together want to grow and advance their business to the next level. The core principles of running a successful business are presented and delivered by the Programme Leader, Mark Kelly who will challenge you and your senior management team to critically examine your performance against best practice and to develop solutions and to agree actions that will grow and significantly improve your business. Each of the key business growth sessions are typically delivered in seven parts over a 7 to 8 month period and end with the senior managers presenting their unit’s business plan that combined will take your business to the next level.

Testimonial on Advanced Business Growth Programme

Mark draws on a wealth of experience and insight to provide a straight talking, no nonsense approach to management and business deelopment. He delivers his expertise and acute observations with humour and an incisive intelligence. Quite simply, Mark will equip you with the tools you need to run your business as efficiently as possible – highly recommended.

Chris Mears, Managing Director, Eurolec Instrumentation Ltd