Sales Success Programme

Objective – Determine and subsequently review the marketing and sales goals for the next quarter. Set the “12 Week Year Sales Plan”, and determine the initiatives/campaigns and weekly performance activities to hit the goals

  • Pre-session preparation around producing data and determining goals for the next quarter
  • Each quarterly session would review the activities and results delivered in the previous quarter
  • Examine the successes and lessons to apply in the next quarter
  • Examine and improve sales techniques – sales process review, scripts, quotation process, email communication, cadences and sequences, pipeline basket reviews
  • Deliver training session themes to enhance sales team skills e.g. words that sell, whiteboard selling techniques, the buying process, customer success, negotiation and closing skills, generating referrals, networking etc
  • Produce the next quarter’s 12 Week Year Sales Plan for each member of the sales team
  • Each team member determines what a “Great Sales Day” and a “Great Sales Week” looks like
  • Agree the reporting process and internally publishing the “League Table of Sales Success” (build the fun and competition)
  • Increase the motivation and commitment of the sales team

After each Sales Success session, the team review if the next session should be held and will it continue to be highly valuable to your company.