An Enhanced and Powerful Management Development Programme  


The Core Essential Management Programme is an enhanced and significantly different management development programme. It contains the following, entirely new sessions and content:

  • Operations – winning through productivity
  • Scrum & Team Management
  • Customer Service – Creating a Winning Customer Service Experience
  • Sales Methods & Tactics
  • Effective Negotiation Skills
  • Objectives & Key Results

In each session, the prime emphasis will be on the need for data and facts. Your managers will be trained to avoid “management by opinion” e.g. calculating and managing customer churn in the Customer Service session.  Each session will also make your managers aware of the biases we all are susceptible to when we are making decisions and how to avoid or negate them e.g. In the Power of Influence there will be a new section on “Framing” and “Reference Points” in decision making.

The Core Essential Management Programme

Core Essential Management is an intensive four-day management development and leadership programme. Delivered over two sets of two-day modules packed with the essential management concepts, the latest management techniques, and exercises to apply and reinforce your manager’s learning.

The two, two-day modules are separated by five weeks during which the participating managers will identify a commercial project that has the potential to deliver significant results for their company. Then using the techniques, the manager has learned during Module 1, they will then analyse and produce a business case to deliver these results for their business. The participating managers will then present their business case for feedback at the start of Module 2. Then using their comments, each manager will refine their business case to show back to their senior management team to seek approval to implement the business case and its project.

What your managers will learn and gain from the Core Essential Management Programme:

  • A robust and thorough understanding of the core concepts that underpin effective business management.
  • The ability to drive enhanced performance by effectively managing themselves and the people and teams that they lead.
  • To set objectives and measures that deliver enhanced financial results for your business.
  • An understanding of what success looks like in other businesses and create new success standards for their unit/department.
  • An opportunity to interact with other managers from other ambitious, growing businesses and learn from other good managerial practices
  • A project and a business case to deliver a significant commercial improvement in your business which should return many times the cost of the programme.

Core Essential Management Content, Objectives & Learning Outcomes

Module 1 Day 1

Leadership & Management Framework – [Learning Outcomes: Understanding the fundamental principles of leadership and effectively managing people including how to set standards, objectives and ensuring team members are accountable and motivated supported by case studies & exercises]

Finance Part 1 – An Introduction to Finance, the profit & loss account, the balance sheet and understanding financial performance – [Learning Outcomes: Understanding the interrelationship of SEA [Sales, Expenses, Assets] and how managers can positively effect SEA.  Understanding the crucial source of funding growth is retained profits and understanding key financial ratios to measure management success and manage risk –  aided by case studies & exercises]

Finance Part 2  – Return on Investment, Margins & Velocity –  [Learning Outcomes: Understand financial

concepts such as return on capital, gross margin, mark-up, the margin pyramid, matching demand and supply cycles. Also, business mathematics and the speed of activity cycles in delivering highly profitable results, how to manage ambiguity (Opportunity costs & sunk costs) and making decisions where the outcome will be uncertain –  aided by case studies & exercises]

Time Management Techniques & Tools – [Learning Outcomes – How to efficiently organise your day, determining your priorities, avoiding stealing and accepting other people’s responsibilities and tasks and getting the most important things done including the techniques of monkey management, frog eating, and twisting tomatoes!]

Module 1 Day 2

Finance Part 3 – Cash Flow, Project Cash Flow & Business Cases – [Learning Outcomes: Understanding “what are the cash-flow implications of that decision?”, Zero-cost budgeting, managing the project management triangle (Time Quality Cost), maximising cash flow through effective project management techniques,  and how to build business cases for new projects and proposals – supported by case studies & exercises]

Managing People Through Transactional Analysis – [Learning Outcomes: Develop and apply effective communication techniques within different contexts and learning how to handle the “games” people play. How to manage conflict and ineffective behaviour with team members, colleagues and clients – supported by exercises ]

Operations – Winning Through Productivity – [Learning Outcomes: Understanding concepts such as Productivity vs. Efficiency,  Lean Thinking & Waste, 5S Model, Checklists, Kanban Visual Control Charts & Fish Bone Analysis – how to use these techniques to design streamline operations that deliver more efficiency & productivity – supported by exercises]

Briefing on In-Company Assignment/Project – The explanation of the requirements for course delegates to produce their business case or project that captures and applies the learning from Module 1 and to directly apply this to their actual company. The objective is to deliver a significant Return on Investment for the delegate’s company from their participation in the Core Essential Management Programme.

Scrum & Team Management – [Learning Outcomes: Understanding and applying the Scrum framework, including stories, story points, daily stand-ups, sprints and sprint reviews to get highly productive team results]

Module 2 Day 3

In-Company Assignment Presentations – Delegates present their project/business case and cash-flow analysis for feedback to produce a final presentation/proposal back in the company to the Managing Director/Senior Management Team

Competitive Strategy – [Learning Outcomes: Understanding and applying the principles of competitive strategy, competitive advantage, value chain analysis, and a company’s value proposition – supported by exercises]

Customer Service – Creating a Winning Customer Service Experience. – Utilising the latest management frameworks on delivering customer service excellence the session will focus on the concepts of making a client rather than a sale, customer lifetime value, and customer churn. – [Learning Outcomes: How to define your company’s  quality service compass, your clients’ mental service picture, the real cost of service recovery and inconsistent service quality –  case study & exercise on managing competing priorities and sub-optimal customer service outcomes]

Module 2 Day 4

Power of Influence –  [Learning Outcomes: Understanding the key drivers and techniques to influence and persuade customers and prospects to take effective decisions and actions]

Sales Methods & Tactics To Grow Your Business – [Learning Outcomes: Understanding the latest sales techniques and methodologies and to critically examine the companies current sales process, defining both your Sales Qualified Lead and sales PIN to deliver more productive sales growth]

Effective Negotiation Skills – [Learning Outcomes: Understand and be able to create a bargaining plan to more effectively negotiate and close better deals with both suppliers and customers on a win/win basis]

Objectives & Key Results – [Learning Outcomes: How to set and break down annual goals into quarterly objectives, making sure objectives are SMART and adhere to the Mission, Vision, OKR (Objective Key Results) ToDos structures and applying lessons from the Balanced Scorecard framework to set the next quarter’s objectives.]


The special introductory price for the four-day Core Essential Management Programme is £1250.00 per manager.

Next Location & Dates

Essex – Module One: 25th and 26th February 2020 – Module Two: 24 to 25th March 2020

Feedback on Core Essential Management

Having just completed a four day Core Essential Management Program in Birmingham with mark, id like to comment on how well the program was constructed and delivered. Mark delivers his program in a quick pace as there is a lot of content to go through, however I never felt it was being rushed. Mark has an excellent way of engaging you during his presentations and tasks.

Marks tasks have an excellent way of challenging you, not only with some troublesome finance questions, but with challenging you to think differently and outside the box regarding your own business and its problems. He poses questions which invite you to think differently about a possible solution. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with mark and the group, and would highly recommend him to other managers/companies looking at improving their knowledge and skillset.

Jake Walker, Technical Manager, Project Fire Products Ltd

Thank you so much for the course, I enjoyed it more than I thought I ever would and learnt some very valuable and applicable information.

Beth Jamieson, Joint Operations Manager, Clarion UK

My managers came back raving about you, the training, the other participants and plans for improvement. Thank you so much.

Sally Chalk, Chief Executive Officer, Clarion UK

Mark thank you for organising a great course, and inspiring great debates.

Rachel Dawson-Smith, Head of Sales, Scribe

I just wanted to say thanks Mark for another great management course that my Commercial Manager attended. He found it both very informative and a great boost to his confidence as a man manager.

This is the third member of staff I have invested in attending your management courses and each one has gained a lot more knowledge about being effective in their roles in Castle Minibus plus a greater understanding of how business functions and grows.

I can thoroughly recommend you and the courses and would encourage any business owner who wants to grow a profitable and sustainable company, to invest in developing their key staff with you.

It also makes my job easier by having more talented and trained people around me!

Chris Maynard, Managing Director, Castle Minibus

I thoroughly enjoyed the Core Essential Management course. Mark’s an incredibly charismatic tutor, and the amount of knowledge and insight gained in a four day course is quite exceptional.

Mark’s worked in many different businesses, and many different roles in his career – and his experience shows. His ability to understand businesses as widely varied as creative agencies through to minibus leasing is first class, and his grasp of numbers is impressive to say the least.

I would gladly recommend this course to anyone looking for a challenge – especially those who want to brush up their business finance skills.

David Crichton, Creative Director, IE Design Consultancy Ltd